i CIVIQ Health COVID-19 Response & Updates

It seems like something out of a movie, the whole world has been shut down due to an international threat that has catastrophic potential. There’s no clear way to defeat the threat so we’ve been ordered to shelter in place. There will be an end to it soon, so in the meantime we suggest taking all the safety precautions recommended and trying these 5 things to pass time and possibly improve your wellbeing.

1. Improve Personal Relationships

We’re so used to living a fast paced lifestyle consisting of work, school, hanging out with friends, or driving the kids to soccer practice. Our first suggestion is to work on contributing to relationships closest to home. Checking in, say I love you, and seeing how those closest to you are doing during this time will significantly improve your relationships long after this is all over.

2. Finish that project you’ve been saying you’d finish

We all do it, we make New Years resolutions and promises to our families that we’re gonna paint a room or assemble the swing set but life gets busy and we never get around to it. Our suggestion is to use this time to complete one of these tasks. It will give you pride and support mental health because it keeps you busy and accomplished a goal.

3. Diet / Exercise

It is important in every day life to have a healthy diet, and exercise. Set a fitness goal for yourself to try and accomplish. Look up some new recipes that you can make with the food you have in your house. There are at home options that can be used as an alternative in the meantime such as yoga, HIIT, and other calisthenics exercises that will help produce chemicals in the brain to support our overall feeling.

4. Relax

Take it easy, if you are known to be a workaholic or have a very mentally tough job this opportunity is rare and we say Carpe Diem to it. Relax take it easy and let your work fatigue melt away so your 100% when you return.

5. Education / Career Change

Many of us have felt stuck at our jobs and always wished we had the time to look into a career change or possibly going back to school. Our fifth suggestion is to pursue that option and look towards changing your life when this is all over.

We’re all in this together

Remember these are just five of the many possibilities in front of you. It’s a difficult time for most so contribute what you can, stay busy, and show as much love and empathy as you can to others. Be respectful of the suggested isolation tactics and do our part to help flatten the curve.