i CIVIQ Health COVID-19 Response & Updates

CIVIQ health is a network of nationally accredited drug and alcohol treatment facilities covering all levels of care.  Our mission is to bring intimate and individualized care to clients, families, and the communities we serve in the area of substance abuse and mental health treatment.  We believe every person is unique and every person’s healthcare should be approached comprehensively. 

Substance abuse and dual diagnosis is often a difficult and misunderstood conceptFor this reason CIVIQ health is always looking towards innovative and effective practices to provide our clients with the most thorough treatment possible.  Our years of experience and understanding have molded our belief system to embrace diversity, be authentic, and always exceed expectations.  

CIVIQ health believes that size matters, that is why we have developed small comfortable facilities with low case loads in an attempt to develop more personal and authentic connections with those we serve.   Connection is a key component to personal recovery and meaningful change.  The ultimate goal of CIVIQ health is to create these connections and motivate change.