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What is CIVIQ Health?

CIVIQ health is network of behavioral healthcare facilities committed to the innovation of addiction and mental health treatment.  At CIVIQ health we believe in a person centered, community based approach to care. 

How to Know if a Loved One or Myself Needs Treatment?

What we have found is that if you are questioning whether you or someone you know is alright, typically that is a red flag that should initiate a closer look.  The difficulty with addictive and behavior issues is that they almost always create a Vail of deception and uncertainty.  Just discussing your situation and experiences with another person can often create clarity and help understand next steps.  This is also why the Admissions and Outreach departments of CIVIQ health remain available to the community everyday to be a resource of experience and knowledge.  If you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out… (844)-237-5762 or contactcenter@CIVIQ.health

What is Drug & Alcohol Treatment?

Addiction is defined as a brain disorder characterized by compulsive drug and/or alcohol use despite adverse consequences.  The treatment of drug & alcohol addiction is the use of a variety of different behavioral therapies, treatment medications, or the combination of multiple.  Therapy is designed to work on many things including motivation, awareness, coping skills, communication and education.  Medications are used first to safely and comfortably detoxify someone from dependency forming substances.  They are also deployed to curb cravings, block usage, and many times to assist other co occurring psychiatric issues or imbalances.  Treatment also address’ many social functions such as living environment, legal issues, and family dynamics.  Drug & alcohol treatment is ultimately an on going process that requires acute care through continued follow up and preventative care for years to follow.

Does Drug & Alcohol Treatment Work?

Yes. Like most all-chronic diseases, addiction can be managed successfully.  Research has shown that those who enter into drug and alcohol treatment stop or slow drug use, decrease criminal behavior, and increase social functioning.  Often times treatment outcomes depend largely on determining correct diagnosis, appropriate treatment approaches, and the underlying cause and severity of a patients issues.  This is why seeking a treatment program that is as has hands on and multidimensional as possible is so important.  Unfortunately, as with most chronic illnesses, relapse is a reality for some.  This does not indicate failure in anyway; this is simply a reflection of the fact that drug and alcohol addiction requires continual and often adjusted treatment approaches in order for someone to achieve long-term sobriety.

Does CIVIQ Health Treat Mental Health Disorders?

Currently all CIVIQ health facilities are primary substance abuse programs. CIVIQ health programs can effectively treat clients with certain criteria and severities of co occurring disorders.  This is when substance abuse and mental health disorders occur simultaneously with drug & alcohol being the primary diagnosis.  This can be a confusing and often misunderstood question when attempting to help yourself or a loved one.  When patients are looking for admission to any of our facilities our Admissions team works with our Medical Director and nursing departments to make sure we have accurate understanding of someone’s needs as well as a comprehensive plan for their treatment.  For further clarity into this question please contact our Admissions or Outreach departments who are available 24 hours a day.