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It is a known fact that Americans, at increasingly an high rate, experience work-related stress, as symptoms of anxiety and depression have become commonplace experiences. As these diagnoses have become more common, it has led many people to resort to many different methods to combat seeking work-life balance. In relation, there has been a steady increase in individuals seeking addiction treatment from all walks of life. Addiction treatment at CIVIQ Health is provided in a variety of modalities and specialties.

Culture of Compassion and Understanding

One such facet of the treatment provided focuses on the specifics involved in the professional atmosphere. Addiction treatment for professionals is one that can pose many different challenges that can, and has, made seeking treatment a daunting task for people in the professional realm. Those who work in medical professions, or more notably in the healthcare industry itself, know all too well the struggles and tribulations that stigmas regarding addiction and seeking addiction treatment can provoke. This makes finding, acquiring, and participating in resources for professionals very challenging, as it can be taboo for people of any profession to seek treatment. CIVIQ Health seeks to provide treatment and resources to anyone, regardless of profession, who suffers from addiction, as it is the resounding belief that addiction itself does not discriminate its affliction in society.

People in the professional world can be susceptible to the same stressors, genetic predispositions, communal interactions, and triggers as anyone else; but it is often the inclusion and integration of their professional title that can instigate a feeling of increased pressure to appear ‘perfect’ in the eyes of colleagues, family, clients, and superiors.

CIVIQ Health Mission

At CIVIQ Health, our goal in working with those in the professional atmosphere is to provide a secure and nurturing environment to allow for an honest engagement in addiction treatment and beyond. This is established through the continuum of care provided through the programs of CIVIQ Health, where individuality is celebrated. Our programs are designed with the whole person in mind. In today’s society, people have been marginalized to the point where so much of what makes us individually unique, is criticized under a microscope of varying degrees. This acknowledgement makes people susceptible to vicarious stress just by imagining being honest about what is experienced as a stressor. Our purpose is to provide a look into a person’s reality and allow for impartial discussion to find one’s own discernment of past and present actions. 

In the realm of the professional that is already actively navigating through work-life balance in conjunction with addiction, feeling accepted and giving oneself the permission to explore pain and stress can make the difference in life and death. CIVIQ Health’s clinical teams are more than equipped to listen, counsel, and help the professional find peace in their respective lives.