i CIVIQ Health COVID-19 Response & Updates

At CIVIQ Health, we are committed to providing quality clinical care no matter the circumstances.  In this unstable time with the Coronavirus restrictions and concerns, we remain with the same commitment to providing care.  In addition to still taking new admissions upon thorough screening, we are currently providing telehealth services to our clients in order to continue providing counseling and group therapy services to assist in the treatment and recovery process.


Intensive Outpatient and General Outpatient Telehealth

In mid-March, we moved our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and General Outpatient (GOP) clinical services to virtual services.  Our IOP clients are now attending services virtually from their homes, with the same clinicians that they have been working with while in services with us.  Our GOP clients have been doing the same, with the same clinician that they typically have in-person group with.  From the safety of their homes and sober living environments, they are able to continue receiving the services that have been supporting their recovery journey thus far.  They have also been attending virtual individual sessions with their clinicians as normally scheduled once per week.


Partial Hospitalization Telehealth

Beginning in the following few days, we will be providing telehealth services to our Partial Hospitalization (PHP) clients from the safety of home as well.  Our PHP clients will be able to engage in their typical 5 hours of clinical services 6 days a week, with the support of our essential Care Coordinator staff.  They will continue to meet with their clinicians bi-weekly in a virtual setting.


Self-Help and Family Support

Outside of telehealth clinical services, our clients are given access to virtual self-help meetings as well as in-house meetings to further help support their recovery process and to assist in helping connect them to local recovery communities.  We are also offering virtual family visits for clients that request this feature.

Despite the challenges that we as a nation are facing in light of COVID-19, CIVIQ Health will remain committed to helping those that are struggling with Substance Abuse Disorder in any way possible.  While our outpatient services have moved to Telehealth, our detox and residential services remain open to provide services to those in need.  Our detox and residential services are following all recommendations from the CDC and WHO to ensure client safety and health.  If you or a loved one are in need of treatment, reach out for help right away.  It is still possible to find recovery in this national emergency.