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Why People Choose Silver Pines Treatment Center

Located just south of Hazelton, PA, Silver Pines Treatment Center is a leading provider of substance abuse rehabilitation services, offering a structured and home-like setting surrounded by nature. We believe providing quality treatment in a comfortable and serene environment promotes feelings of overall well-being, leading to more positive health outcomes. Our exceptional staff at Silver Pines is here to start you or a loved one on a path to a life of recovery.the garden outside one of CIVIQ health's treatment facilities

One of the many benefits of an inpatient rehab program is the ability for clients to solely focus on their individual recovery, without the outside distractions or stimuli associated with everyday life. Expanding on that concept, treatment at Silver Pines is intentionally set within the tranquility of nature creating an atmosphere that is both calming and encouraging of self-reflection. We understand that there are many circumstances under which clients decide to seek treatment that involve various forms of external motivation (family, legal, occupational, etc) however, one of our treatment team’s objectives is for each client to truly develop a desire for recovery for themselves.

Safe Medical Detox at Silver Pines Treatment Center

A safe medical detox is most commonly indicated to be the first step of any substance abuse rehab program as it is essential to remove the physical dependence associated with the heavy use of mood or mind altering substances. A medically-management withdrawal program is essential to ensure a comfortable, safe and effective discontinuation of an otherwise difficult and physically agonizing process. The detoxification phase at Silver Pines is an essential starting point on the journey to recovery however it is not to say that it is the only clinical intervention required; most clients need continued treatment in order to develop healthy coping skills needed for long-term sobriety.

the picnic area outside one of CIVIQ health's treatment centersAfter a medically managed detox, clients then transition to inpatient rehab that takes place in our residential treatment center. The therapeutic needs of a female in early recovery may be vastly different from that of a male. Past traumas, co-occurring mental health conditions, and medical conditions associated with substance use are all extremely sensitive matters yet are common objectives that need to be addressed in each individual’s treatment plans. The pressure of discussing such topics can be greatly alleviated once removed from mixed company.

While in residential rehab, clients begin to learn more about ‘what makes them tick’ through a series of evidence-based therapeutic techniques that build insight into the nature of active addiction while implementing the tools needed to recognize “relapse behavior” before they pick up a drink or a drug. Some of techniques our highly trained clinical staff utilize include:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Exposure to community support programs like AA or NA, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, etc

Early recovery can be especially difficult for clients as it’s often the first time in recent memory they are experiencing life without the use of drugs or alcohol. At Silver Pines, we do our best to provide a targeted and individualized treatment plan while in an environment conducive to sobriety and self examination. Call us today at 866-345-2147 to begin on your personalized road to recovery.