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What is Alumni Programming?

Alumni programming is a collection of resources and services provided for a network of former clients and families that have attended rehab at one of our treatment centers.   The only requirement for participation in alumni programming is to have been a rehab client or family in the past.     

Leaving the structure and support of treatment and returning home is a sometimes difficult and isolating experience.  This is where the Alumni network of CIVIQ Health becomes invaluable.  Offering clients and families a variety of outlets to remain in contact for advice, support, and accountability. 

All CIVIQ Health facilities offer Alumni programming as a part of every clients individual aftercare plan.  Alumni programming with CIVIQ Health begins as clients enter into services at the treatment center and continue for as long as clients are willing to remain connected after discharge.   

Benefits of Alumni Programming

CIVIQ Health believes that continued connection and engagement in aftercare increases a clients likelihood of success.  This is why Alumni participation is so strongly encouraged.  Our alumni programs include resources such as social media networks, community events, charitable events, educational resources, and alumni family events.

Alumni coordinators meet with clients during the beginning of their treatment stay in order to begin to develop a relationship and create a framework for recovery after rehab.  Alumni coordinators facilitate regular follow-up phone calls to former clients as well as communication about the various details of alumni activities and events that take place outside of treatment throughout each year.   Alumni coordinators are available everyday in person, by phone and online, offering resources and support.

Alumni have often developed strong connections and trust after going through rehab together and our alumni networks help to utilize those connections to create accountability amongst each other.   CIVIQ Health treatment centers have been treating clients for years and there are thousands of alumni who are happy to be a resource of experience and an example of success to others after treatment.