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Family is an important aspect to understanding from where clients come as well as part of the healing process as the primary supports. CIVIQ Health respects and encourages family through the treatment process.  Our treatment consults (often the first to be contacted) are ready and able to discuss any options which can be helpful to the person struggling and provide information to any support members who may not know where to turn or what to do. 

The Family; Individual

Once the individual is willing and consents to attend treatment the family is included with their permission.  Family therapy for addiction can include all members to identify supports, provide information on differences between that support an enabling, as well as empower family members and clients to be able to ask for and enforce boundaries with loved ones to heal any damage that may have occurred in the process of active addiction. 

Treatment at CIVIQ Health works with the client to identify their level of comfort with family members being involved in treatment and can set goals to integrate family more when their confidence and comfort with coping skills improves.  Family members are invited, with the clients permission, to attend groups and individual sessions as part of treatment planning with the client.   

In Sessions

In session with clinicians, clients are able to explore aspects of their family of origin and the roles inside the family.  Clients are able to explore their role in the family as well as roles of others that can prove insight in reconnecting and healing family relationships.  Clients can often be besieged by shame and guilt when entering treatment regarding consequences from their behavior that impacted their family or existing trauma in the family.  CIVIQ Health is dedicated to providing safety and trauma-informed approaches to allow a space for clients to explore and begin to heal.  Family are also included in that space in groups, and aftercare planning.  Family can also be supported with connection to therapy for family members of addiction with community resources, information regarding support groups that can be accessed, and included in treatment with client’s permission.

In Groups

CIVIQ Health includes family programming and groups at the detox, residential, and partial hospital levels.   Group therapy for Family members of addicts include psychoeducation and information resources for family at higher level.  At the partial level family can be invited by the client to attend an six week program which discusses and educates on topics such as: pathology and neurology of addiction, boundaries, communication, change, relapse identification and prevention supports, forgiveness, self-care, and examining addiction as a family disease.  Through this course attendees are invited to participate in group with the clients to discuss stressors, information, and other ways to begin conversations about needs and effective ways to support their family members in their recovery. 

Ongoing Support

At the request of the client, individual family sessions can be scheduled to address organized and goal-oriented therapy sessions with referrals for ongoing family therapy with certified and experienced professionals.  The goal of family sessions in treatment is to address goals that consider the treatment plans of clients and provide families opportunities to learn about how to best support their loved ones. 

Help at Each Level

 At varying levels of CIVIQ Health family is addressed and supported in the care of the client. CIVIQ Health also recognizes the importance and potency of a supportive and informed family in the recovery process.  When the disease of addiction occurs in a family it effects all members to a varying degree.  It is also important to include those members in the healing that can come in sustained sobriety.