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Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs (or PHP) have many unique characteristics that make for an essential part of a full continuum of substance abuse treatment. Although the clients who are in the PHP program for CIVIQ healthspecifics may vary, a partial hospitalization program is usually between five and six hours of clinical programming per day occurring 5 to 7 days per week. Sometimes referred to as Day Treatment, clients are able to attend treatment during the day and then return home at night. At CIVIQ Health, clients are able to live at home during PHP but also have the option of residing in one of our comfortable and modern sober homes.

Hospital-based inpatient rehab centers that neglect to offer lower levels of care place discharging clients at risk for relapse without having dedicated case managers in place, scheduling aftercare appointments to occur within the first week of leaving treatment. As a leading treatment provider in Pennsylvania, CIVIQ Health offers a complete continuum of rehab services and provides the continuity of client care needed for positive treatment outcomes. The staff members providing treatment while a client is in detox is a part of the same staff that will follow clients through the completion of treatment and into our alumni program.

Importance of Transitional Living Residences

The rigid structure of an inpatient substance abuse treatment center is a fantastic means for both stabilization and long term care yet without appropriate follow up appointments in place, clients often struggle to immediately adjust to life outside the safety of rehab. Discharging directly home from an inpatient facility is risky and aftercare appointments are an essential aspect of treatment and discharge planning. Transitional and lower levels of care, such as a partial hospitalization program, are a great source of support to ease back into everyday life.

Becoming a part of a positive community conducive to recovery is an overarching theme in addiction treatment. A partial hospitalization program allows clients the clinical support needed to focus on recovery while simultaneously addressing and overcoming the stressors associated with everyday life. Life skills such as resume building, goal setting and community service are common objectives to be added to each individual’s treatment plan. The most effective residential mental health and substance abuse treatment centers are those offering a full spectrum of recovery services, allowing for successful discharge planning,

A Full Continuum of Care

Drug and alcohol treatment is not a one phase process and any inpatient substance abuse treatment center should be ready to provide referrals and coordinate appointments for a ‘step down’ in treatment intensity, following clients to the next stage of treatment. At CIVIQ Health, we are also here to help continue treatment for clients who have completed an inpatient detox or residential program elsewhere. PHP is a level of care that provides daily structure to those who need it while at the same time, fostering the independence essential to maintaining long term recovery.

The versatility of a partial hospitalization program meets the needs of many clients unable to attend a long term inpatient rehab center. Considered to be an outpatient service, clients in PHP are able to receive treatment without leaving family for long periods of time and maintaining the ability to continue working. PHP programs suit the needs of clients with minimal insight towards the disease of addiction but medically stable enough to begin the process of returning to normal life.