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When someone who struggles with a drug or alcohol addiction, they can struggle in ways to express themselves or reflect as it could be painful.  Introducing new ways to reflect on oneself and express what is found there can be part of the transformative process in recovery.  Expressive art therapy for addiction can include a number of ways to reflect and express oneself and is part of available treatment at CIVIQ Health. 

Expressive Arts

When working with clients who are entering into recovery from their addiction, some questions may result in the answer of “I don’t know”.  It can be an uncertain and frightful time.  When our thoughts may not reveal answers that may be necessary to gain more insight, we may have to experience things within our emotions or experiences.  Expressive art therapy and addiction techniques engage the emotional and experiential aspects of client’s using art mediums to access parts of themselves.   When accessed these expressions may allow the client to state more about themselves or their addiction and provide another method to gain insight.  These expressions of the self can also be products created by the clients to identify aspects of past and also envision goals for their future. 

In Groups and Sessions

Therapists, to varying degrees, can engage with clients to work with art mediums in ways to help them express themselves and reflect.   Expressive art therapy activities for recovering addicts are present in both individual sessions and groups at CIVIQ Health.  Art-making in groups can be individualized or group-oriented to help work towards goals of communication, and self-acceptance in groups through goal-oriented art making or reflection on timelines with peers.  These processes can be individualized in groups or sessions by asking clients to envision their addiction and give it physical traits through art of identifying future goals through the use of vision boards.  

Groups can engage at all levels of care to express themselves with art.  CIVIQ Health encourages and empowers the strength of the clients that may enjoy art to strengthen that coping skill.  Addiction group art therapy that engages clients in expressive arts for the first time may also encourage a skill that may be unknown to the client.  This process of discovery about themselves can provide new means to understand the self in recovery.   Expressive arts therapy for drug addiction can also use spiritual and holistic methods to engage clients with means to express themselves with art, music, or writing with the individual and group.

Seeking your Expression?

Are you a person who hopes to engage in recovery?  Are you also a person who finds ways to struggle to express yourself?  CIVIQ Health is LGBTQ affirming, trauma informed, and compassionate treatment provider that includes strengths clients already possess while also inviting clients to engage new means to cope.    Expressive art therapies directives or drug addiction include supporting and encouraging clients to engage their creative side to grow as a person in recovery.