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Sometimes when clients seek treatment for addiction they also require some more support.  It is not uncommon for someone to come into treatment with more than just a behavioral propensity for use of a substance.  Often, they are accompanied by trauma, mental illness, being a person of disadvantage, disability, or being affected by other maladaptive patterns.  Whereas some facilities may only treat addictive behaviors and disorders, a dual diagnosis treatment center has staff and organizational observations which can best address these needs when they present with clients seeking sobriety. 

Dual Diagnosis and Trauma Informed

Treatment facilities that hope to address clients with mental health and addiction disorders can be considered a “dual diagnosis” treatment center.  Such a treatment facility

Female therapist running her dual diagnosis group during session

should be staffed with medical and clinical (counselors, therapists, social workers, and other similar professionals) which are trained to support the recovery of members whom may have disorders that co-occur.  Clients may need varying degrees of treatment to address their co-occurring disorder.  Dual diagnosis inpatient treatment centers include a trauma-informed approach and care that seeks to provide safety and empower individuals to meet their goals through a strengths-based approach.  This approach is present at all levels of care from detox to outpatient.  Dual Diagnosis inpatient treatment centers provide a safe place for clients to live and engage in treatment at higher levels where need is greater.

The Team that Meets your Needs

CIVIQ Health offers the best dual diagnosis treatment centers that have staff for medical needs, clinical work in individual and group settings, compassionate and informed staff to assist in the maintaining of safety for the clients during their stay, and all staff being dedicated to the empowering of clients to reach their sobriety goals; and address mental health needs.  CIVIQ Health staff possess education and ongoing trainings in order to be informed and grow with the needs of the client community.  When considering the best treatment facilities for dual diagnosis facilities CIVIQ Health hopes to invite clients and their families to consider the supports available to them and what will meet their needs.  CIVIQ Health encourages clients to discuss with admissions specialists on what needs the clients may have and how those needs can be met. 

Who is There to Help?

Dual diagnosis drug rehab centers should be able to address both mental health diagnosis and substance use disorders.   If a client were to present with a mood disorder and it were to co-occur with a stimulant use disorder it would be important for all aspects of the team to be able to address their needs.   Medical staff are present to treat needs addressed with medications and other supports provided by medical doctors and nurse practitioners.  The clinical staff are present to address both behavior and mental health needs of the same person.  Through groups and individual therapy members can explore aspects of these diagnoses with someone who has training and insight into their etiology and treatment prognosis.   During group and individuals, families are also included to support their loved one that is addressing their dual-diagnosis.   Staff members are ever present to address needs of clients who may struggle with mood, personality, or anxiety (among other) disorders in assistance with the clinical team.   Certified Recovery Specialists are also on staff and available as para-professionals that are informed about both addiction and mental health disorders.  These CRS work with staff to provide support and remind clients to activate their coping skills and comply with medications that are introduced and supported by other team members.   

Can you use Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Support?

If you are a person, or know someone, who is struggling with finding a supportive treatment environment to help support not only their recovery but also their coping with mental health disorders please reach out for support today.  Our CIVIQ Health admissions specialists are present 24 hours a day to hear your needs and align them with supports available.