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Addiction is something that effects a number of individuals and does not omit any specific background, status, or state in those afflicted.  The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Questioning individuals who struggle with addiction can face different struggles in seeking treatment for addiction.  CIVIQ Health asserts a clinical and support staff team that both affirms and is informed about the needs in addiction treatment for LGBTQ people. 

LGBTQ Supported

A facility that hopes to support and assist all individuals in their recovery should be versed and experienced in addressing the needs of all they serve.  The staff at CIVIQ Health dedicate weekly groups and aftercare to specific needs of LGBTQ individuals and empower them to reach their individual needs.   The LGBTQ community can face stressors, discriminations, or ignorance that is not typically experienced by cis-gender and heterosexual individuals.  At CIVIQ Health we include regular trainings for all staff to best support the LGBTQ individuals in a drug and alcohol treatment rehab. 

LGBTQ rehab centers should be aware and sensitive to stressors and other factors that effect members in the community.  Studies report increases in substance use, homelessness, relational abuse, and suicide in the LGBTQ community.  CIVIQ Health is aware of these factors and aids in emotional and behavioral support, include family at the request of the client, and engage with other treatment facilities that are informed or specialize in addressing the needs of the LGBTQ community. 

Supportive and Trauma Informed

While addressing client needs, CIVIQ Heath provides a safe and supportive living environment to meet basic needs of all clients in order for them to be better able to process and cope with other aspects of their lives in recovery.   CIVIQ Health is committed to providing a trauma informed environment of care that empowers and asserts safety as a provider for all individuals which includes the community of LGBTQ inpatient rehab. 

Recognized and Certified

Steps to Recovery, a division of CIVIQ Health, has been given the distinction of a leader of LGBTQ care by the HEI.  Recognized by Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) as a provider that meets criteria and excels at supporting the LGBT community and as an LGBTQ rehab center.   The trauma-informed and LGBTQ sensitive staff at CIVIQ Health continue their commitment to all members of the recovery community and welcome the LGBTQ community equally with all recovering individuals.

CIVIQ Health hopes to support all individuals for their addiction and mental health treatment needs.  Addiction treatment for LGBTQ people includes clinicians whom have specialized and ongoing training regarding meeting the needs of LGBTQ individuals as well as a weekly group that focuses on recovery for the LGBTQ community.  The staff and clinicians attend to all clients with trauma-informed approaches that assert safety and empowerment.  Staff continue this dedication to our LGBTQ clients to provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere with which to transition from active use to a positive, sober and supportive future.