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Drug Addiction Treatment

Breaking free from a drug addiction is not a one-step procedure and requires varying degrees of intervention, depending on the severity of the case. Drug treatment centers like us, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse disorders and dependence.

When looking for help with addiction, clients and families will often search ‘drug rehab programs near me,’ however it’s important to focus on the quality of care being offered by drug treatment centers more so than physical location alone. Proximity to one’s home environment is an important consideration, however should not come at the expense of settling for an ineffective drug treatment clinic. National accreditation, state licensure and clinical services should be the foremost areas of focus, rather than just any ‘drug rehabilitation program near me.’

Transportation, housing and financial stress should not become a barrier for individuals in need of drug treatment centers. At CIVIQ Health, we do all we can to accommodate any unique or unusual circumstances clients may see as a roadblock to seeking treatment. Serving PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, CT and surrounding areas, the client community during drug rehab treatment is one of diversity. In the same way that no two clients are identical, drug treatment plans should be individualized and unique to the person seeking recovery.

A Seamless Admissions Process

When calling for more information on our drug rehab program, our staff is trained to address any concerns regarding the accessibility of treatment, making the admission process as seamless as possible. We strive to answer any questions from clients or families in their entirety.

Drug addiction does not have to a lifelong prison sentence, neither literally nor figuratively. There is a clear path towards a life of recovery that’s accessible with the help of a long-term drug treatment program. Feelings of hopelessness, guilt and shame are all commonly associated with drug addiction and may very well drive clients to continue to use without the appropriate clinical intervention and processing. The images brought to mind when hearing of a rehabilitation center for drugs may not be inviting but here at CIVIQ Health we take pride in breaking the stigma associated with the disease of addiction.

In the same way no one becomes addicted in one day, it’s important to keep in mind that drug rehab is not a single step process and the most effective treatment includes a full continuum of care. Attending a drug treatment clinic on an outpatient basis certainly has its place in a relapse prevention plan however it’s rare to be clinically appropriate as a first phase of rehab. In many cases, clients need the full support of a highly trained and experienced staff of a drug rehabilitation center.

A Premier Provider of Drug Treatment in Pennsylvania

Realizing yourself or a loved one is suffering from a drug addiction is akin to waking up on another planet. Terminology such as therapy, counseling, withdrawal, community support & 12 step programs are all the source of significant confusion when attempting to find the best drug rehab treatment. Here at CIVIQ Health, we believe the education of clients and families is perhaps the most vital phase of all drug rehabilitation programs.

As a premier provider of drug rehab in Pennsylvania, CIVIQ Health rigorously works to make drug treatment accessible for anyone who wants help with addiction.